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Our boys programs are a great foundation for all other sports!

Gymnastics builds strength, flexibility, coordination, and air awareness that will benefit your son in any sport he may pursue in the future. All four of these skills assist a child in every physical or extracurricular activity he will perform through his adolescence and into adulthood. This ability will breed confidence in your son, as he can physically compete in all activities.

Boys Program

Boys Program

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Calling all cheerleaders, dancers, divers and parkour athletes !

Tumbling is a great way to advance your skills for dance routines, to work towards higher level skills for cheerleading, to learn air awareness for diving and parkour. We focus on correct technique to make sure your athlete will be able to build on all skills learned to continue to advance. 

Mighty- Mites

(Walking to 4 years old)

Our toddler and preschool program is a great first organized experience for your little ones!

Learning to listen to instructions, work in a group activity, and wait their turn in a fun and active environment is what our toddler classes are all about. Children from walking to 4 years old can have a fun experience while keeping their natural  flexibility, learning to hold their own body weight, working on balance and coordination all with a parent along side of them. As they build confidence and become more adjusted to the class, parents will be able to take a step back until their child is fully independent and doing the class on their own.

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